About Us

There has been a church here for 200 years. We strongly believe that God is encouraging us to look outwards and engage in the community, as we actively consider how we should be living as ‘church’ in the 21st Century. Meeting peoples’ needs and bringing the Good News of Jesus to them is what we want to do – we want to share God’s love, not keep it to ourselves!

Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. By His death and resurrection, He has enabled all who believe in Him and ask for forgiveness for the wrong things they have done, to live with Him forever.

As Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan, so we baptise those who believe, by full immersion. We encourage those who have been baptised to become members of a church and share in its life and witness.

We normally share communion once a month in both our morning and evening services. We welcome all those who love our Lord in sincerity to share the bread and wine in memory of the life-giving death of Jesus.

Our Vision

Our mission statement says we are “Seeking to know Jesus better and to make Jesus better known”.

We are a community of people centred upon God’s love, whose members have experienced new life in Jesus and who want to become more like him and grow in the power of God’s Spirit. We are committed to the following core values:

1) United prayer.

2) Learning from God’s word.

3) Caring for one another and the wider community.

4) Worshipping God in spirit and truth.

5) Sharing God’s good news.

6) Active concern to promote justice.

We encourage each member and regular worshipper to be actively involved and participate in:

a) Worship which should be vibrant, sincere and relevant – combining the best of traditional and contemporary styles and attractive to those who want to know more about Jesus and inclusive.

b) A prayer cell of between three and five meeting regularly.

c) A Home Group which meet on different days and times.

d) A life of personal prayer and bible study.

e) Church meetings where, as Baptists, we gather to seek God’s will.