Home Groups

We have a number of Home Groups that meet during the week. We encourage everyone to get involved in a group so that we can mutually help each other to grow in our faith, fellowship & service.

Usually at the home groups we look into the subject from Sunday morning in greater detail and have the mandatory tea, coffee & fellowship.

Viv & Audrey Axford Wed – Fortnightly 2:30 Jeffreys Way 461724
We are a lively group of mature Christians who enjoy each others company, engage in in depth Bible study and value times of prayer and open discussion.
Simon & Sue Edser    Wed – Fortnightly 7:30 Blagdon Retirement Village 277099
We are a relaxed group of who are keen to centre our time together on building each other up in our faith through the study of God’s word in mutual encouragement.
Tim Walker Wed – Fortnightly 7:30 Taunton Baptist Church 333196
We meet twice a month to study the Bible and enjoy each other’s company. We share  a cup of tea and light-hearted conversation combined with considering how the teaching of Jesus impacts our daily lives.
Bob Hart &
Steve Purches
Wed – Fortnightly 7:45 Saffron Close 351071
We are a friendly group of different ages, Christian and life experience. We are not afraid to tackle any topic, at times we disagree but continue to remain in harmony. We have a laugh and enjoy each others’ company.
Eric & Dorothy Skinner Thu – Fortnightly 10:15 Hamilton Road 286986
We are a group who are learning to relax together and share where we are on our Christian journeys. We are caring for each other and are open to each others’ lives and experiences.
Rachel Farrell Thu – Weekly 2:00 Taunton Baptist Church 366027
We are the “Jolly mixtures”, a mix of people who share our love of God and love for each other. We are all on a journey and are eager to learn more through prayer, the Bible and sharing with each other.
Barbara Redmond & Veronica Bowers Thu – Fortnightly 7:30 Luttrell Close 323220
Our home group is rather unique, as only three of us are members on T.B.C. We genuinely try and help each other in applying God’s Word to our daily lives. Our evening is full of chat, laughter, debate and refreshments.
David Corry &
Mary Hart
Thu – Weekly 7:45 Mountfields 275417
We are a mixed group that value the sense of belonging that we find together. We are all learners and explorers. Worship, focused prayer, study and getting to know each other better make up our evening.
Martin Ingrams Thu – Fortnightly 7:45 Morgan’s Rise, Bishops Hull 325385
Our group is small but welcoming! We are a mixture of ages but have been on the Christian path for some years but still appreciate sharing ideas and Bible knowledge with one another. We try to meet every other week.